The research activities are concentrated on some domains of the artificial neural network applications, especially on the applications of speech processing. The interest is concerned on some questions relate to speech synthesis. It is effort about the increase of its naturalness by the modelling of the prosodic parameters of the Czech language for the text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis, reduction of data extracted from the text and natural speech signal, which are necessary for neural network training (by the methods aim on the extraction of parameters and on the knowledge obtaining from the experimental data).

New research field is a speech signal processing for medical purposes. It means the speech analysis for children suffering of some neurological diseases (developmental dysphasia, epilepsy, autism etc). As a part of this research the databases are created for training and testung of neural nets. Apart of ill children sentences the healthy children (4 to 10 years age) sentences are recorded and processed (as a comparative database). It is part of joint research program with the Clinic of Paediatrie Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Master degree and Phd students from the Laboratory of Artificial Neural Network Applications (LANNA ) participate in both research areas.


  • Best Presentation in Session 9.2 “Speech Processing”, 1999 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) Washington, DC, USA
  • Best Poster Award “Best of Conference”, IJCNN 1999, Washington, DC, USA
  • Best Presentation in “Signal and System Control” Session, IEEE-ICIT 2004, Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Cena ministra zdravotnictví České republiky za rok 2008 za mimořádně úspěšné řešení výzkumného projektu IGA MZ ČR č. NR 8287-3 „Počítačová analýza řečového projevu a celonočních EEG záznamů u dětí“ – spoluřešitelka (2005-2007)
  • Čestné uznání Vědecké rady IGA MZ pro rok 2008 za projekt NR 8287-3 Počítačová analýza řečového projevu a celonočních EEG záznamů u dětí

Memberships in professional committees

  • A member of the International Neural Networks Society (INNS)
  • A member of the ELSNET-STN “Language and Speech Technology Experts Directory” (from 2001)
  • A member of the International Program Committee of IASTED International conference SIP’97 (USA), SIP’98 (USA), SIP’99 (Bahama), SIP’2000-2005 (USA),
    NCI’04, MIC’05, BioMed’05, ACIT-CS’05, CI’2005-2007, ASC’05
  • A member of of the International Technical Committee of IASTED 2000-2006
  • A member of the International Program Committee of IASTED International conference on Neural Networks 2000 (USA), ASC’2002, SPPRA’2002, AIA 2001-02,2005-06
  • A member of the Czech Electrotechnical Society

Research grants (1996-2014)

  • Uhlir,J.: Theory and Application of Speech Communication in Czech,1996-2001, participation
  • Sovka, P.: Voice technologies for support of information society, 2002-2004, participation
  • Vich,R.: COST 233, COST 258 Prosodies of synthetic speech – participation
  • Sovka, P.: New Trends in Research and Application of Voice echnology, 2005-2007, participation
  • Komarek,V.: Computer analyses of speech and overnight EEG in Children, 2005-2007, responsible in Czech Technical University
  • IGA MH ČR No. NT11443-5/2010-2014 Korelace MR traktografie, EEG analýz a počítačového zpracování – řečového signálu u dětí s vývojovou dysfázií –   spoluřešitelka