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The research is concentrated on some domains of the applications of artificial neural networks, especially on the application of a speech processing. Apart of the modeling of synthetic speech prosody I am also active in the new research field of speech signal analysis for medical purposes. It is part of joint research program with the Clinic of Paediatrie Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Master degree and Phd students from the Laboratory of Artificial Neural Network Applications ( LANNA ) participate in both research areas.

The memberships in the INNS (International Neural Networks Society), in the ELSNET-STN (as Language and Speech Technology Expert) and in the programme and technical committees of an international conferences organized by International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) especially are the response on the publications.

The other expert activities are connected with a reviewing and with a reader's reports for technical journals and publishers, for Czech Science Foundation and Czech Accreditation Institute.

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Pedagogic activities

The pedagogic activities are divided into two parts. They are the courses in the basic study and in the bachelor and master study programme. The topics are fundamentals of electrical circuits, linear circuits and systems, and electric filters. One of the master study courses concerns some applications of the artificial neural networks. The leadership of the BSc. projects, MSc. thesis, and PhD. thesis are parts of the pedagogic activities.

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1974 Ing. (M.S. equivalent)Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical Univerzity of Prague
1980 CSc. (PhD equivalent)Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical Univerzity of Prague
1993 PGS EPFL EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
1997 Doc. (Associate Professor equivalent)Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical Univerzity of Prague (in Telecommunication Technic)
2010 prof. (Professor) Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical Univerzity of Prague (in Electrical Engineering Theory)

Odborná zkušennost

yearprofessional experiences
1974-1976 TESLA VUST - Institute of Research of a Communication Engineering, Phd student
since 1976 Czech Technical Univerzity of Prague (since 1997 associte Professor)
1992 Academic stay abroad from EU in TIK CIRC EPFL, Lousanne, Switzerland
1993 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Dept.of Electrical Engineering. Lousanne, Switzerland. Consultation, defence of postgraduate course thesis "Biological and artificial neural networks".
1994,'95,'96 Technical University Dresden, Dept. of Technical Acoustics, reserch mission
1995-2001 Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, University Specialist.
1998 1998 ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Short Scientific Mission COST 258
sice 2005 Technical University of Liberec, consultant (since 2005) and lesdership-specialist of the PhD thesis (2005-2006)